The following rulings apply to all Gemini Monsters:

TCG RulingsEdit

  • The second Normal Summon is treated the same as any other Normal Summon, so cards that may be activated in response to a Normal Summon may be activated now, such as "Torrential Tribute" or the effect of "Mysterious Puppeteer".
  • If the Gemini monster you have on the field is Level 5 or higher, you do NOT need to Tribute monsters again for this Normal Summon.
  • You can use your standard, once-per-turn, Normal Summon or a Normal Summon granted by a card’s effect, such as "Ultimate Offering".
  • When you Normal Summon a Gemini monster that you already have on the field, if it now has an Ignition Effect you can activate it at that time, just like other monsters that have Ignition Effects ("Exiled Force", etc.)
  • When a card’s effect refers to Gemini monsters (without quotes), it does NOT mean cards with "Gemini" in the card name, such as "Gemini Elf" or "Gemini Summoner".
  • Counters on the Gemini Monster Card will remain on it after you Normal Summon it again. Equip cards will also remain equipped.[1]
  • The Gemini Monster Card remains on the field. It is not picked up or moved anywhere in this process.[1]
  • Gemini Monsters are treated as Effect Monster Cards while in a player's hand or Deck.[2]
  • "Pulling the Rug" cannot be used to negate the second Normal Summon of a Gemini Monster, since the effect cannot be chained.[3]

Mentions in Other RulingsEdit

  • Black Garden: If you have a Gemini Monster on the field and you Normal Summon it to change it into an Effect Monster, "Black Garden's" first effect activates. It will halve the Gemini Monster's ATK and Special Summon a "Rose Token" onto your opponent's side of the field. If the Gemini Monster's ATK had already been halved by "Black Garden" when it was previously Normal or Special Summoned, it is halved again.

OCG RulingsEdit

On Being Treated as a Normal MonsterEdit

On Gemini SummoningEdit

  • A Gemini Monster does not leave the field when you Summon it again. All Equip Cards will remain equipped to the Gemini Monster after it is summoned to be treated as an Effect Monster. Effects such as "Premature Burial"'s destruction effect will still apply if "Premature Burial" is destroyed, even if the monster has been summoned to be treated as an Effect Monster.[13]
  • When a high-level Gemini Monster is Summoned again, you do not have to offer Tributes again for the Normal Summon.[14]
  • Normal Summoning a Gemini Monster to have it treated as an Effect Monster is not a different type of Summon rule. It is an act where you Normal Summon the monster once again when it's face-up on the field.[15]
  • Since it is a Normal Summon, you can activate cards like "Trap Hole" when a Gemini Monster is Summoned again.[15]

On Negating the "Normal Monster" EffectEdit

On "Remembering" Information After the Gemini SummonEdit

On the Gained EffectEdit

  • If a Gemini Monster activates an effect (like "Doom Shaman" activating his effect to Special Summon a monster) and the Gemini Monster is removed from the field or flipped face-down, then the effect is not negated (unless the effect specifically requires the Gemini Monster to remain face-up on the field).[30]
  • When an Effect Gemini Monster is flipped face-down, it is treated as a Normal Monster when it is flipped face-up. You must Gemini Summon it again to get the effect.[31]


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